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Dwarf Genetic Stripe Possible Het Albino


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This recessive pattern mutation originated with small Dwarf stock.  These babies have come from generations of captive breeding and outcrossing for genetic diversity, and added morphs.  Highly variable, with some specimens shows complete, clean striping and others exhibiting chaotic, marblized patterns in unpredictible ways, the base color on top ranges from light buckskin to dark charcoal grey, and the sides are typically steel blue, but can have varying amounts of yellows and reds infused in different areas.  Many also have white pied sided markings along the lower half.  These high percentage (some very high percentage) dwarves are still fairly rare in collections and will attain much smaller adult sizes than a standard Retic, making them a great option for a wide variety of people looking for something special that won't grow too large.  With the added possibility of producing albino genetic stripes.

Dwarf Genetic Stripe Possible Het Albino
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